Katya, Katya Kabanova

by Beth Stewart

Seattle Opera, 2017

Maryland soprano Corinne Winters was vocally secure and dramatically intense, in the challenging role of Katya. Winters conveyed the soul-searing turmoil of a woman with deeply-held religious belief that extra-marital sexual thoughts are mortal sins, yet who accedes to a liaison with Boris while her husband is away."
William Burnett, Opera Warhorses

"As the dreamy, unhappily married Katya, soprano Corinne Winters sang divinely, even though the consonant-laden Czech language presents unique difficulties and her part requires a large vocal range... Lahyani's lovely duet with Winters was one of the high points of the performance."
Alice Bloch, Seattle Gay News

"One image was acutely apt: petite Corinne Winters as Kát’a, alone onstage with a wall of water behind her, looked utterly tiny and helpless. When Kát’a in Act I sings of her carefree youth, of flying like a bird and rising happily to heaven, Winters was febrile and ecstatic, and sang and moved with variety and intensity throughout."
Mark Mandel, Opera News