Rachel, La Juive

by Beth Stewart

Opera Vlaanderen, 2019

Corinne Winters made a magnificent role debut as Rachel, the burnished, purple shades of her lower register gorgeous in the romance “Il va venir”, also partly sung in the Stalls. Her confrontation with Léopold, when he confesses that he is not “Samuel”, but a Christian – sizzled with disbelief and scorn across the pit…”
Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack

Nothing could have prepared me for the focused intensity of Winters’ performance as Rachel, and the remarkable strength and evenness of her middle and lower registers; the way she sang the whole role with a feeling of intensely projected line. This Rachel felt things deeply and conveyed it through the music. Konwitschny asked a lot of his Rachel, she turned suicide bomber in Act Three, but Winters certainly delivered and did so with the music, not despite it.”
Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

The voice of soprano Corinne Winters goes through marrow and bone… [This is] an intimate performance that crawls under the skin and asks questions about the present.”
Joost Galema, NRC Handelsblad

With her grand, dramatic sound, Corinne Winters shows what potential is in her voice, but also in her acting. It is Konwitschny’s style to step outside the frame of the stage, which feels uncomfortable because you are so directly addressed as an audience. But there was so much power and conviction in Winters' acting that this scene felt logical.”
Franz Straatman, Place de l’Opera

Corinne Winters, in her role debut, delivers a powerful performance based on an unerring and penetrating timbre that is a little dark and very personal. Her aria ‘Il va venir’ is undeniably one of the evening’s high points.”
José Pons, Ôlyrix

Corinne Winters was outstanding in her role debut as Rachel. Her warm spinto is complemented by a well-supported, slightly dusky lower middle register, two great assets for the wide tessitura of her big Act II aria ‘Il va venir’, which she knocked out of the park. In this production, Rachel is headstrong but also beset by unbearable emotional pressure – when Léopold’s deception backs her into a corner, she straps on a suicide belt – and Winters, who had her breakthrough as Violetta in another Konwitschny production, gave the most forceful acting performance of the cast. It’s not Peter Konwitschny’s most radical production but still thought-provoking, and the superb performances by Winters and Chevalier are well worth hearing.”
Sebastian Smallshaw, Seen and Heard International

The American Corinne Winters, in her role debut as Rachel has a wonderfully good sense of drama and timing… Winters‘ contribution is intimate, human, touchable.”
Merlijn Kerkhof, de Volkskrant